Meet Eugenia

B.A. in Spanish and Latin American, Caribbean and Iberian Studies, M.A. in Latin American Studies, and J.D.  from UW-Madison. 

A master of straddling different spheres, Gina channels 15 years of nonprofit, international development and tourism experience into her role as co-founder of Synergy Coworking. She is passionate about each professional hat she wears—a female entrepreneur; a Director of economic empowerment and entrepreneurship at Vital Voices Global Partnership (an international NGO based in Washington DC); and a local business mentor. “I love seeing people succeed and excel. I am a problem solver and am passionate about sharing information, knowledge and skills, and connecting people to others that can contribute to their growth. I see opportunity everywhere.” Off the clock, Gina soaks up time with her family, enjoys being outdoors, culinary adventures and finding beauty in unexpected places.



Meet Spencer

B.A. in Social Work (University of Wisconsin-Whitewater) and Small Business Entrepreneurship Certificate (Madison College). 

A passionate advocate for social justice, Spencer Hudson is on a mission to achieve equality—and equity—for all. His commitment to improving the lives of marginalized groups in Dane County made him an effective advisor, case manager and academic coach at Madison College prior to co-founding Synergy Coworking. He has also eagerly lent his expertise and talents to local organizations such as Operation Fresh Start, Madison Urban Ministry and Mt. Zion Academic Learning Center. Spencer can be found after-hours watching sports, hanging out with family and taking pet English Bull Terrier Barkley on strolls. 


Our mission is to create a diverse and professional space for independent workers, small non-profits, entrepreneurs, and business owners to engage, explore, innovate, and grow to enhance our ventures, well being, and social impact