Dear Jan and Ted, we would like to thank you for being attentive and addressing the flooding, water accumulation and other issues we’ve had at Synergy over the last few months. We understand that all of this has been a significant inconvenience for you as well.  

fter considering the impact this has had on us and our ability to run and grow Synergy, we would like to request a compensation of $4,615 for what has transpired and the costs we have incurred since June 16th. 

In addition to what we shared in our previous email in June, we have experienced the following as a result of the flooding and water accumulation in the building since June 17:

 1. We have spent an estimated 10 hours communicating with you, Loren, the City and others overseeing repairs etc.                                                             2. We have spent an estimated 10 hours cleaning                                                                                                                    3. We have spent an estimated 10 hours coming early and on days we were closed after heavy rainstorms to ensure the place is dry when we opened, and moving tenants to other spaces and addressing their concerns.

4. A significant portion of the lower level is not usable under current conditions and we cannot currently rent out the spaces. 

a. We have experienced water accumulation in the building on the following dates: 6/17, 6/23, 6/26, 6/29, 7/10, 7/21 and 7/22. 

b. We have had to move members out of the lower level and accommodate them in different rooms upstairs for the time being.  

c. We currently have no guarantee that tenants in the lower level will not experience flooding or water accumulation under the current circumstances. With every storm, there has been water accumulation in a different part of the building. As a result, we are uncertain about how long it will take to resolve this situation. 

d. The lower level has a high level of humidity and musty smell and the carpets need to be washed and treated. *We would like to ask what the next steps are for getting the carpet in the lower level to be cleaned and treated.

e. All of this makes us unable to fully utilize the lower level, move people back into those spaces and rent those that are currently vacant. In addition, we are in the process of moving towards extended hours but cannot do so until we know that this situation is resolved. 

f. Under the current conditions, we are unable to utilize a portion of the building for its intended use. We are starting to run out of offices upstairs which will impact our ability to bring in additional private office members. 


In addition, as we shared with you on April 29th, we asked Loren to replace the address sign because it was in a deteriorated and affected our curb appeal. We asked Loren to use the most economic options for this and we paid a total of $339.96 for labor and supplies for which we would like to request a reimbursement. 


The $4,615 figure includes: 

1. An estimated value based on square footage value of the affected area in the lower lever. We don’t have a square footage breakdown of the affected area but estimated that it is around 1/3 of the building. We took into account both the base rent and the CAM charges for 1/3 of the building covering June 17-July 28 which brings it to $3,976. 

2. Time spent on communications (with you, Loren and others overseeing repairs and etc. in